Now an official homeowner!

New house! Yay! Yes I realize this post is long-overdue, but things have finally settled down between the house, work and tenants and I wanted to document this important milestone in my life.

Vicki and I started looking at houses online back in June and July just to get a sense of the market. The Bay Area housing market is absolutely crazy, there’s simply not enough supply coming onto the market, and every house gets multiple offers. We decided to take two weeks off in the beginning of August to look at houses, with the worst case scenario being that we would need to try again later in the year. As luck would have it, we did find a few we liked, submitted offers for two, and our second offer was accepted!

One of the reasons we really liked this house was the space it offered. It’s relatively large for a San Francisco single family house, with plenty of bedrooms. Since it’s just Vicki and myself right now, we saw the potential to convert downstairs into a separate living space with minimal work. After finishing the work in a few weeks, it was then onto us to look for the right tenants to move into our house and become our tenants/neighbors.

The SF rental market is also crazy, did I mention that? My first posting is right before the school year started, and there were about 10-12 parties interested, mostly students. We missed the timing on the students as the work was complete mid-September and we were looking for people starting October. However, we lucked out and had some Stanford grad students respond to our posting! Vicki and I were super excited and they were too about living in the city, and the arrangement was super awesome. Still experimenting with this whole homeowner/landlord business, having to learn to install a bunch of things as well as fix stuff around the house, but so far so good.

The house definitely ushers in a new era so to speak. But more great news is yet to come… =)

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