MacroRecorder Review

Ever find yourself in a situation where you need to do some repetitive tasks?  They happen to be moving stuff across different programs, different windows, etc., and you can’t just write a macro in one program (e.g. Excel) to handle it all?

Enter MacroRecorders.  These nifty little programs are awesome in that it quite literally records every single motion you make, whether it’s a mouse movement, keyboard stroke, or combinations of both.  I was able to try out the free version of JitBit Macro Recorder a few versions back, and were quite pleased with the functions and capabilities.  I’m writing this review selfishly so that I can get the newest version for free to handle some additional tasks.

The tool is simple to use and get started.  You simply hit the record button, do what you need to do, and then end your recording.  Now you’ve got a small program that you can loop over and over again if you so desire.  The small caveat to keep in mind that it’s tracking move and keyboard movements, however if the buttons that you’re trying to click every single time is in a different position, or if you need to enter different responses each time, then the simple recorded macro won’t work well for you.  One trick I use is to have the beginning of the script to have some default actions that will streamline the process, i.e. maximize the window, scroll to the top so the positions of the buttons you’re trying to click can be in the same place.

The other good thing about the macro recorder is its ability to run at an accelerated speed (i.e. 2x, 3x of the recorded speed).   If you’ve got some complicated task that you need to take time to record, you can run at an accelerated pace as long as the program is able to catch up.  Typically it’s not an issue but one should be careful when dealing with web browsers as sometimes the internet speed can disrupt what you’re trying to do.

Overall I love having a tool like this handy just so I can automate any process I’m planning on doing more than a few times.   Would love to get my hands on the newest version to test and see what’s the latest and greatest.  Link to the Macro Recorder page.

Will update review once I get the new product.

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