Re-posting for a friend

Some of you may already know that my friend Ashleigh is going through a challenging time, to say the least, after finding out that she has inflammatory breast cancer.  This post is dedicated to her and her family.  


For those of you who don’t know, Ashleigh is the most positive, energetic, and spirited person I know.  We first met when we interviewed for LGO together, and virtually a little bit before that on business school forums.  We were both super excited about LGO, the experience, and at the same time wondering whether our consulting backgrounds would prove a hindrance in our admissions or our family situations would allow it to work.  We jokingly refer to each other as twins because we both went to Georgia Tech during the same years, studied Industrial Engineering, went into Consulting for four years, and then did LGO together for two more years. (although we didn’t know each other until the LGO interviews!) One of the first things we had to do when we found out about our team assignments were to give ourselves a team name, and of course Ashleigh pushed for the idea of naming ourselves Team Awesome which everyone loved.


To describe Ashleigh as awesome is quite the understatement.  Not only did she manage the LGO workloads with Sloan workloads, she also represented LGO in so many other ways that I am still amazed till this day.  

She represented LGO in the Sloan senate in all four semesters, even taking time to participant during our internship, bonded with the ’14s during the summer, participated in so many C-function dances I can’t even count, including the ones after she had Noah!  On top of that she helped to organize many of the East Gate gatherings for our class, our team, and you can likely spot her at the Fort Awesome gatherings as well.  


Knowing Ashleigh’s accomplishments, I know that Ashleigh will overcome this challenge as well, and that this will be another chapter in her unbelievably amazing book of life.  Ashleigh, if you’re reading this, know that Vicki and I will always be there for you and your family.  We believe in you, Ashleigh, because, well, you’ve already done so many seemingly impossibly things, what’s another? 🙂  

Link to Brad and Ashleigh’s blog below:


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