In Memory of a Classmate

Earlier today I went to the memorial service held for one of my classmates, Nikita, who passed away last fall.  The news was a shock to all of us at Sloan, as she was one of the most energetic, passionate and positive Sloanies around.  The service was well attended by over a hundred people, and easily filled up the MIT chapel.

It is moments like these that you pause and think about your true purpose in life.  As Nikita’s father and husband shared stories of Nikita with us, it was evident that she knew what she wanted, and she pursued those goals in order to better herself and better those around her.  What struck me the most, however, was that no matter how many of us show up to the service, how many of us talk to her parents and husband, things will never be the same for them and they are the ones who will bear the brunt of the pain.  As her husband gave his speech and told us stories about her, and ended by telling all of us that he will always love her, because she is his “宝贝”, tears were rolling around in my eyes.  In front of us was a man who dearly missed his wife, missed his soul mate, and I cannot for even one second imagine having to go through what he had gone through.  

Life is precious, not only to the one to whom it belongs to, but to all those who are associated with it.  While we spend our time to pursue our passions, we must not forget our family, friends, and ask how they are doing.  There’s a saying in Chinese, 失去以后才懂得珍惜,which roughly translates into “One only treasures something after it is gone”.  Don’t be the one to find out the meaning of the saying, instead, be the one who treasures everyone around them, and make them better in the process.

RIP Nikita.  You will forever live on in our memories…

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